Steps To Take When Undertaking A Pellet Mill Construction

Pellet Mill Construction

Having acquired a pellet mill for yourself or your organization, the next challenge that comes in is how to undertake the pellet mill construction from the acquired components. This job of assembling the plant is not the common ‘do it yourself’ type of work since damage if incurred from wrong assembly, can be very costly and may render the mill inoperable. Furthermore, wrong assembly of the plant may make it a hazardous working environment to the mill operators as machine parts may crumble under load and injure them or moving parts may unscrew and fly away from their holders in the process causing harm to the operators, the equipment and the plant housing.


The process of pellet mill construction for small pellet mills is not as challenging as of large mills because there are few components hence an assembly manual can suffice.  These manuals will have to be very specific to the point about what steps should be undertaken and the pellet manufacturing company should ensure that the steps can be easily understood by non expert persons since not all pellet mill owners understand engineering terminologies. Though, it is advised to have at least a skilled engineer to oversee the assembly process.

For construction of large wood pellet plants, pellet mill supplier or retailer may be capable of taking care of pellet mill construction logistics, of course at a charge. For large pellet mill plant construction, the supplier may also recommend an experienced construction firm to undertake the task or intercede to the manufacturer, on behalf of the client, for a skilled supervisor to come and oversee the installation. The reason why such a grand undertaking needs at least a skilled personnel in the construction site is due to the large number of components that have to be put together ranging from the hammer mill, the boiler, the driers up to the packaging , cooling and pellet mills. Furthermore, the expert advice will be required right from the time of constructing the housing of the plant, to the time the test runs are completed.

There are a number of requirements that are required when assembling the plant other than the purchased plant components. The first requirement is a storage place for the components so as not to expose the components to the elements. Though, in the absence of a warehouse nearby, the equipment can be wrapped in polyethylene sheets to prevent them from being exposed to harsh external weather conditions. Secondly, building materials and a construction logistics company will be required. It is assumed that they will come with their own equipment for construction of the plant housing under the supervision of an expert pellet mill constructer.  Then there will be need of a mobile crane to deal with the task of lifting the heavy components to its place.

While the pellet mill construction is taking place, every assembly process needs to be checked and rechecked for flaws. This may require the components being tested individually therefore, a reliable power source should already be in place, be it electricity or engine. In case a flaw is discovered in a component, it will need to be returned to the supplier before being used since these components are no longer returnable once used.

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