Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Machinery

Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Machinery

Oil palm is one of the world's highest production efficiency oil plants. In Malaysia, at present oil production of oil palm per hectare is about 5 tons of palm kernel oil, the oil production per hectare than with the grease of the five times higher than that of peanuts, nine times higher than soybean. Generally year average yield of Malaysian mature oil palm per hectare is 3.7 tons of crude palm kernel oil.

As vegetable oil, palm kernel is an important part of the world oil market, at present, it accounts for more than 30% of the world oil production. It can partly replace other oils such as the soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, lard and butter, etc. The price of palm kernel oil also floats with the world oil prices as it is oil and at the same time palm kernel oil is widely used.

If you get into a full palm kernel oil plant which is usually a very big project, you probably employ up to 50 workers. This is preferred for the commercial production of palm kernel oil for local use and for export. Investors must make sure that they buy their machinery and equipment from renowned suppliers in the market if they are looking forward to venture into this business. It is important to know that one is backed by relevant technical expertise because they will need and the plant can take a long time to set up. There are some renowned brand names in the market, especially from China that are renowned for their efficiency and can press high quality oils, such machines are not single entities but usually they are complex machines that have many working parts. Remembered that even the oil refinery is part of the plant and therefore everything must be installed just right to ensure that the oil processing goes smoothly.Buyers can also choose small oil pressing machine for home use. Although the palm kernel bought from the store will be very clean, the due process in preconditioning, heating cleaning and so forth must be followed for maximum recovery of the oil. You should done everything right no matter your palm kernel oil is smaller for home use or bigger one for commercial use.

Palm kernel oil is healthy and good for human. It is rich in antioxidants and many. This oil is also easy to process, many people can invest in the simplest screw-type palm kernel oil press and soon, they get good value for their money in high returns. The technology used in the press is very simple, yet very efficient. Palm kernel oil can be used in many occasions. Palm kernel oil does not need to be hydrogenated so it will not have trans fatty acids.

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