Oil Press

Oil Press Stop Motor

An oil expeller is basically a mechanical machine that presses oil seeds under high pressure to extract vegetable oil. Oil expellers come in a number of sizes and shapes and also vary based on the power source they use but is limited to small scale and medium scale oil extraction plants. One of the common errors displayed in the control consoles that commonly occur when working on an extremely tedious press process is the oil press stop motor error.

7947575.jpgIn order to understand the source of this error, a proper understanding of how an expeller is designed is needed. When the expeller presses oil bearing seeds, what actually happens is that the bulk of the seeds are compacted in the process, a lot of heat is generated as the molecules in the compacted material gives up energy to occupy the smaller area. In the process, the generated heat acts as a two edged sword one factor being advantageous because it aids the extraction process by reducing oil viscosity but the other being a disadvantage because it gives rise to other challenges such as in equivalent expansion of the individual metallic parts of the press hence increasing the stress the press is subjected to.

In order to solve the overheating problem, most presses have cooling channels that allow passage of cooling oil or water through the press. This is connected to an external radiating unit to allow the hot water or oil coolant to lose its heat to the environment before being pumped back into the expeller. While it is required to constantly monitor the levels of the coolant periodically, it at times is forgotten until the expeller is shut down by the oil press stop motor error.

Absence of the coolant can make the expeller extremely hot to the point that moving parts made of different components can no longer be able to engage properly. For instance, parts of the plant that are made out of rubber can be squeezed beyond their toleratable levels and thus result to them wearing out within a very short time of operation. Besides this, absence of the coolant makes the lubricants such as grease which are located in the various moving parts to become less viscous and flow away from the expeller leaving the moving parts without any form of lubricant and thus prone to damage.

The oil press stop motor alert therefore requests the operator or the overseeing computer to immediately stop the expellers motor because serious events which can lead to irreversible harm occurring to the expeller.

In case such an error occurs, as advised, bring the expeller’s movement to a halt by stopping the motor. Then go through the checks for instance, the press temperature, coolant level, analyze if the coolant circulation pump is still operational, check if coolant delivery pipes are clogged, etc. if the temperature is indeed high, let the expeller cool down before effecting any maintenance. Remember to also re lubricate the moving parts of the expeller since the previous lubricant may have drained as a result of high temperature.

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