China Wheat Flour Mill Manufacture

Therefore, grain is the most basic of nutrients for people to survive. Reviewing the history of China, grain industry has been gradually established as an industry is only after new China was founded. New China was founded, most equipment of grain industry were of outdated, backward technology, hard to manipulate, and poor production environment, technical and economic indexes lagged behind, at that time, there were barely flour milling machine in China, this was disproportional to the great country and agricultural country. Therefore, the construction of a modern grain industry is glorious and difficult mission in front of every scientific and technical worker. For more than half a century, through generations of unremitting efforts of scientific and technical workers, Chinese grain industry has changed a lot and made remarkable achievement. Now, we can say that Chinese rice, flour and oil processing industry in many fields have been close to or to international level. The most obvious is that along with the development of food processing machinery, the grain and oil processing quality enhances unceasingly. At present, there are many domestic flour mill manufacturers and suppliers, among them, KMEC is a global source of flour mill authentication manufacturer, supplier, can provide you with grain grind, corn flour mill, wheat flour mill and so on. The entire flour mill can be customized to be suitable for your business needs and improve your work efficiency.

KMEC is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of wheat manufacturers and suppliers in China. This company was established in 1976, it is seated in the centre of China, and has developed agriculture foundation. This company gathers over 300 professional technicians and 1100 powder manufacturing employees. Their products include flour milling machine, grinder and other grain cleaning machine. The KMEC company takes on turnkey projects in wheat, rice, corn and so on grain. Even more than 30 series products 190 different varieties of grain mill having been manufactured in KMEC, and  this company takes on turn-key projects of 100 to 1000 ton/day complete flour milling plant. Products have been sold to more than 30 provinces throughout China and exported to more than 10 foreign countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. Their products are superior to others in quality and price because of the application of advanced manufacturing technology and excellent manufacturing techniques. KME is in supplying of different milling machines, according to the materials, there are cassava milling machine, pepper milling machine, rice milling machine, corn milling machine and wheat milling machine. There are also 20T small scale milling and 10T wheat flour mill for the clients to choose. On the basis of different daily output, KMEC can provide 80-500T flour mill project, 30t-150T four mill plant and 10t-50T flour mill plant. And they also have small flour grinding machine for home use. In addition, KMEC also offers other grain cleaning machine, such as intensive scourer, aspiration channel, maize sheller, vibrating separator, rotary separator, grain destoner and plansifter. If you want to know more, contact them.

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